Video Gallery

A selection of our favourites – to see them all, visit our YouTube channel (and don’t forget to subscribe!).

Duelling Pianos | An Awesome 2016

What an AWESOME 2016. We rocked so many weddings it is hard to fit it in to a video clip – but check it out then come and learn more by clicking Awesome Duelling Pianos

Duelling Pianos | Berrington Wedding

Mr and Mrs Berrington enjoyed the full Live Piano Experience, with Mark the Piano Guy and Liz Hendry playing through their ceremony and breakfast and our Ultimate Duelling Pianos show in the evening!

Duelling Pianos | Clarkson Wedding

Mr and Mrs Clarkson were married at the wonderful Heaton House Farm venue, where we treated the happy couple and their guests to a Duelling Pianos extravaganza!

Mark Hendry's Live Piano Experience | Tickle Wedding

Mark Hendry’s Live Piano Experience put on three LIVE sets during the reception of Mr and Mrs Tickle, with our FREE DJ service filling in between!

Mark Hendry's Live Piano Experience | Fairbrother Wedding

Mark Hendry’s Live Piano Experience ensured a great night was had by all at the wedding of Mr and Mrs Fairbrother. An eclectic mix of songs too, live by request!

Duelling Pianos | RAF Odiham

Not just for weddings! Our Duelling Pianos Show played the officers mess at RAF Odiham, making sure the good folk who protect us all had a really great night!

Duelling Pianos | Daniel & Louise

This video really shows off our repertoire! A wide range of hits enjoyed by Daniel, Louise and guests during their wedding reception. And all LIVE!

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